The Importance of Online Reviews for Business

July 19, 2019| Sara

Untitled design-22In recent years, it has become crucial that businesses have a strong presence online, as this is a prime avenue for potential and returning customers to connect with your business. As more and more customers interact with businesses through websites and apps, it's essential that whatever information is available about your business online is accurate and helps to give a real idea of your business. Another large component of this is the availability of online reviews.

In the past, we have relied on word-of-mouth and recommendations of others to help us decide what businesses or services we should use or what business is to avoid. Since most businesses have found a presence online, there has been a bigger move word searching out reviews and recommendations online. There are entire companies that exist to provide the public with reviews of products, goods, services, and business to the public. 

Online reviews become one of the first things that many people will see about your company, which influences whether or not they decide to do business with your company. More and more people rely on what they see about a company on the website before deciding to open a relationship or enter the doors. In the end, these reviews can end up being the deciding factor on whether your business is growing or not. It's crucial that you and your business keep an eye on the types of reviews used and left. 

Online reviews for your company are helping to build your image and your credibility in the virtual space. People go online and find these reviews, and oftentimes, that will decide whether they decide to interact further with your business or company at all. In short, online reviews can affect your conversion. Not only that, they allow for you as a business owner to be able to see what is working or make you aware of situations that you didn't know existed otherwise in your company. Say you have an employee that is mistreating or being rude to customers. Sometimes those customer reviews can help you identify the problem. 

While a lot of the time, the reviews will be honest and forthright,  there still exist some ways for businesses to limit the impact of negative reviews on their company. To combat this, we have a system that allows businesses to have access to a free report of how exactly they are performing, based on data and statistics, and providing them with a comparison of how their business stacks up against others. This could do a lot in the prevention of false representation.


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